Sunday, 26 October 2008

Halloween Party : Best Dressed

I would like to thank everyone who showed up :) & i want to say it was an amazing party The Best Dressed are :

Thanks to everyone who came :) And if u r dressed in your halloween costume right now make sure 2 tell us in a comment because my next post may be about different Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween :D

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Come on Everyone !! THE PARTY STARTS NOW DON'T BE LATE !!!!!

REMINDER : Party is in 2 HOURS !!!

Don't Forget Halloween Guestbook Party Starts in my Guestbook in 2 HOURS !!!(12 pm GMT)

Forgot to view the invitation ??No problemo just Click Here
Don't Forget to Dress up in your Halloween Costume (e.g : Fairy Tale Character, A Celebrity, A Vampire, a Monster, a Zoombie, An Animal :D,....etc

P.s : Unfortunately because i am not a Superstar anymore i have no HALLOWEEN COSTUME TO WEAR FOR MY OWN PARTY !!! THAT STINKS !!!
So I will be dressed just as a simple Lovely princess !! :( Nothing special in that sorry :(

But I want 2 c everyone dressed in AWESOME SCARY & HALLOWEEN COSTUMES !!
Cause then you'll be featured in best Dressed post here on the Blog at the end of the day :)


New Look Hotbuys Dress

Thanks to Stardoll Fashion Forward for Pointing this out :

If u searched in the Shops for Pink Dress you'll find at the last page that Dress for $5 Dollars that Everyone Can Buy !!! :

(Pic made by me ) :

October/November Hotbuys

Sorry for Being a little late to post them :

1-Stardoll Hotbuys Coat (In Shop 14th November) : Nice and Colorful :) I'd rate it 7/10
2-Splendid Hotbuys necklace (In Shop 12th November) : Elegant and Sweet !! 10/10
3-Fallen Angel hotbuys Dress (In Shop 24th October) : well.... it suits the whole halloween clothes but i actually don't really like it but it may look chique if u added clothes to it. 6/10
4-Folk Hotbuys Shoes (In Shop 5th November) : Nice & My Style 10/10
5-Splendid Hotbuys Eyelashes ( In Shop 19th november) : Cool 10/10
6-Rio hotbuys Pumps ( In Shop 17th November) : ok .. 8/10
7-Folk Hotbuys Bag (In Shop 7th November) : Terrific !! 10/10
8-Folk Hotbuys Top (In Shop 19th november) : Cute 8.5/10
9-Folk Hotbuys Skirt (In Shop 10th November) : i like it 10/10
10-Folk hotbuys Gloves (In Shop 29th October) : Preppy 9/10

Thursday, 23 October 2008

NEW!! STARDESIGN : Interior !!

FINALLY !! Stardoll has made an interior Shop! it;s not for exactly interiors but it is for some furniture for your room :D
& i think (not so sure) That's it's for non-superstars tooo !!! :D

Check out the NEW StarDesign interiors NOW !! (Thx for Stardoll insiders for Pointing this out ) ! :

New things On Stardoll !!

All new things i noticed recently on stardoll are gathered all in 1 pic made by me :

(click on it 2 enlarge)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Happy Birthday Arna Rut !!!

I would Like to Wish Arna-Rut a very happy 14th birthday (2day is 21st Oct) !! Also I would like To Congratulate Her for being CoverGirl !!!!!!
WOOOHOOO !!!!!!!

So Don't forget to Stop by Her Page & Wish Her a Happy Birthday !!!!!! :D
i did that kind of portrait 4 her !!Well it's not really a portrait but it's .... definetely Something :D

Happy Birthday Arna & Hope u like the post :) !
Visit Arna-Rut page by Clicking Here


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hmm... not bad !!

Not Bad at all !! :
Stardoll Can copy all your furniture by itself to your storage Box when your membership ends :

(Click on the pic 2 enlarge it ) :

Also check that out !! :
I am not a superstar anymore & i still have an item for sale in my bazaar !!! Call that SUPPER BAZAAR/WEIRD but cool !! !! :

No Longer SuperStar :/

As Some of you may notice I'm no longer Superstar & I took few notes on the difference between being a s.s & a non-s.s !! (besides getting clothes, using sephora & splendid, having 10 rooms, 33friends,..etc & all these stuff )

1-Ok 1st your suite/page loads a WHOLE LOT SLOWER !!!
2-IF you had more than 3 best friends in your BFFs List only 3 are in the list & the rest go to the unclassified !!!
3-Suddenly you're like ananymous !!
4- & Of course the one we all know you can't Broadcast your club
5- & your Medoll bar on the left of the page is no longer gold ... :(

well might as well get used to it !!

BTW don't forget Halloween party Next Saturday oct, 25th !! at 12 pm GMT .
Click here to View the invitation !!

Friday, 17 October 2008

New Gift Dresses !!

More & More Gift Dresses will might as well get used to it :/

This One for members Who have never been superstars Before :

& this one for currently-superstars :
Only 2 who has no sign yet : (according to SFF )

Halloween PARTY!! : You're Invited !!

(Click 2 Enlarge) :

& of course best dressed Will be Featured on the blog :)

sorry the invitation isn';t that good !!
hope everyone can make it ;D



Thursday, 16 October 2008

Monday, 13 October 2008


OMG!! I Love Love love the New STARPLAZA Layout & look & decor & EVERYTHING!!
Sure i'll need sometime to get used to it first But i Still lovin it !!

Here take a few looks at the new Starplaza !!

& u can even chat with your friends & Buddies online while you're Shopping !!!!

How cool is that??!!!
All they should do left is Increase clothes & Dresses for Non-Superstars & Let the star Design to be For Non-Superstars too !! :)


Friday, 10 October 2008

Latest Poll Results

Ok Our Blog's Latest Poll Was :

Congrats to singingmermaid She came in First with 33 votes
In 2nd place : Callie.Stardoll i don't consider her an elite but she is a member that's why i Put her in the poll. Callie.Stardoll got 21 votes
& in 3rd Place: Style_Magazine with 19 Votes :]

thanks to everyone who voted
Our new Poll At the moment is :

Don't forget to Vote ! :D


New Gift Dresses

oh Man Here we go again when will stardoll stop giving out those Dresses ?? When they collect 7 millions Dollars ???!!!
This Dress is sent to Ex-Superstars Account

I received it from my other Previous superstar account :

& This message is sent for Non-Superstars but for some reason .. there is no sign of the dress !!

Also there is that old antique Dress For People who are superstars !They get it when they pay .. AS ALWAYS !!
**Recently Added**

Ok the message have finally showed up this is the dress for members who haven't been superstars before :

Pretty !

Thursday, 9 October 2008

ALL Stardoll Blogs

Ok So i have searched & I have collected over 42 Stardoll blog including EVERYONE! & EVERY BLOG, Blogs I read or don't read i collected them all !
p.s : (If u have a blog or know a blog that's not listed let me know about it in a comment or in my G.B )

Ok Here they Are :

*List last updated on October 12, Time : 8:13 Pm GMT

& of course this one :

A Pretty long list huh?
feel free 2 check each blog on the list !! :D

And like i said if u have a blog or know a blog that's not on the list write it in a comment in this post .

Monday, 6 October 2008

Weekly 7 Things you Must Have

1-Fallen Angel Party Dress.
2-Stardoll jessica pants.
3-Folk Emmanuelle Glam Bag.
4-Stardoll victoria Belt.
5-Fallen Angel Vampire Feathers.
6-Fallen Angel Fallen Leggings.
7-Voile Hotbuys Skirt

Sunday, 5 October 2008

CopyCat Blog !!!

Ok I'm not used on actually writing that about people !But i am truely Mad !!
The day b4 yesterday I was visiting olsenkate's Blog !!!! & guess what i found??
She copied from my blog 4 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she didn't even say that she took them from this blog !!
The 4 posts she copied are :

1-The recently added new starpoints hairstyles. 2-gabisia9 Page !!
3-Real Celebs (those pics are from my suite & i have put them on my blog that's when paulina & milly & becky visited my page)
4-New Mary-Kate olsen

u know what? i do admit it that i copied from SFF a post once but i actually deleted that post after wards & i apologized to the owners of SFF !! But Not just take 4 posts from people Without writing who did u take it from !!:@ !!!!

i don't wanna go any further because I'm not harsh but Just saying that this is Disrespect & .....Stupid !!!!! I can say more but i don't want to !!

OlsenKate's Copycat Blog is :

:@ !

Saturday, 4 October 2008

New Gift Dresses !!!

OH man here we go again ;
You'll get that Dress WHEN U PAY well then they shouldn't call it a GIFT dresss !!!

Also 4 members who have NEVER been superstars before when they pay they get that dress :

I am really mad at stardoll right now all they want is money money money !!!

Also i have just read in
the Following :

If you used 2 be superstar before but not anymore you can get ONE of the free dresses as well!

for the orange Dress:

for the Green Dress:

for the Pink Dress:

Friday, 3 October 2008

FREE Dress for superstars

i am sure all superstars received this message
At first when i saw the title i thought it's another gift dress u get when u pay but i was soo happy when i found out it's free !!!!
YAAAY stardoll
I picked the antique Rose one (the 3rd one ) I think it's the best of them all I even did a pretty princess look to suite the dress :

WHAT ?!!!!!

Ok yesterday i was entering my suite when i saw that ENORMOUS NUMBER OF GIFTS!! & they were all Penguins !!
I mean i am not trying 2 sound rude but looks like the girl who send them wanted 2 get rid of her money so she sent me all those
& by the way Thanks :] for the gifts I loved them =D

Now i have another Billions Of Penguins :)

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Recently Added New Starpoints Hairstyles

Thanks to babuci1992 who showed everyone the new starpoints hairstyles pics :

Nice huh ??!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

gabisia9 : Amazingly Gorgeous Page

One of the Really Incredible Pages i have visited is gabisia9 Page & Suite & She is also a very Great Collector !!! Check out her page & Rooms :

Also the Buzz everyone has been talking about : Did stardoll put & create new hairStyles ?? I mean check out gabisia9 HairStyle !!:
i'm thinking there's More !!

I'm sure you all were blown away with her Suite & page !! I know i was !
I'm sure there r other Amazingly Gorgeous Rooms on stardoll just like the lovely
gabisia9 I really want 2 thank her 4 her beautiful style & decoration
Keep it Up Girl :)

Visit gabisia9 Stardoll Page By Clicking Here

Monthly Gift Club is Gone =( /Free Poster

This is Just like what happened to OMG_Ashley as soon as it has many members & is out of gifts stardoll close it down without even sending us messages ! To tell us that the club has been inactivated or been closed !!
That;s Really Annoying & Unfair !!! =(

-Sorry but i am not in the mood to post pictures .

Also when u send a request to Mary-Kate olsen Or If she is already in your friends List you get a Free MK Poster you can find it next 2 ur mirror in ur main room.
And this Week is the RC Week & this week's Real Celeb is Mary-Kate Olsen :]

Enjoy the Free Poster